Incident happened around 3.40pm - 5pm

I went out to get supply for my office and on the way back to my office an italian guy who was driving a silver SUV (not sure what brand was it) stopped me and asked for a direction to Pearson International Airport, because his phone has no internet. I helped him by showing my phone with a map on it and he took photos. He said "Oh, you're the only person that helping me out, thank you!".

I thought it's over.. and this next part is what makes me feel like a *** man for being too nice to people in my daily life by doing what he asked. Anyway, He asked me to get into his car because it's freezing outside -16ish, and he said I have to ask for your help one more time.. (good game here)

He said his credit card is over-limit and can't be used for another 24 hours and he has to pay for the AVIS car he's renting before he flies back to Milan later that night. So I said okay how? He then explained his occupation (it's all fake) as a fashion designer from Milan and just had a fashion show in Yorkville for 2-3 weeks. He showed me some random photos while bullshitting how he works with these hollywood actors and actresses. Then he handed out his business card (he just tried to make me believe all his story). He even explained the materials and detail of these jackets to me. I fell for it, and I thought I should help him. Then he offered me these "brand new" leather jackets (brand is AE di Milano) that he does not want to bring back to Milan, because of high rate % tax he has to pay, so he offered me these jackets if I can give him some cash to pay his car; he then told me to call one of his assistants that will help me next Monday Feb 23, 2015 at Harry Rosen, Eaton Centre to help me getting a one of these jackets refunded, so I can get my money back in exchange of giving him some cash, because these jackets will be launched next Monday. So I agreed (I know I'm *** that I did not think enough). I gave him some cash more than $500 and he gave me 3 jackets that he said it's worth $10,000 (meeeehh..lies lies lies). We went to TD bank I gave him cash and he dropped me off at my office and drove away.

Then I realized once I got back to my office, his story is all strange and does not make any sense, checked on the internet and wow this incident has been happening a lot…. and I know I'm *** already. So I lost a big amount of cash just to get 3 fake leather jackets. Called police and asked what they can do, and they said they can't do anything because it's not an illegal action that they can take action unto that person, it falls into a trading category even though I got tricked. I gave him money, he gave me stuff in return. I believe these guys run in an organization to fraud people, they know their actions are in a grey area that police can't take legal action. So I hope this story helps you not to get tricked by these guys.


An italian guy drove an SUV claimed that he's a fashion designer, had a fashion show for 3 weeks and asked my help for direction and then asked for cash to pay rental car because his credit card is over limit. Offered leather jackets in exchange of $10,000 worth of jackets.

I fell for it and helped him, lost $$ and police can't do anything. gg

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The same story happened to me, it was around August 2016 in Rahway, NJ, I stopped by the store to get some salad ,this Italian man asked me for directions to go to the airport, I showed him the best way to go Newark airport ,then he opened the trunk and

showed me the jackets ,I told him my husband and my son they

don't need it and I don't have money to spend both at the end I when to the bank and for 3 jackets I gave him $300 for something I don't need it. He told please ,this is a favor maybe one day you have problem and I can help you. He don't let see the jackets ,he put in the car for me, when I get home ,2 were leather , but 1 not(What experience, because I have no job ,it was the only money I have left in the bank.


The same story happened with too on Friday Feb.13,2015 at 10:00 am while I was trying to inflate my truck's flat tire on RONA parking (Eglinton/ Winston) Mississauga.He asked for $ 900.00 for six jackets and ended giving him $ 300.00. He showed me his Italian passport.

The rented silver SUV is KIA sportage or sorento.

The reason for accepting the deal is that, on on March 1983 while I was walking early morning in front of the Opera in Paris, France an Italian guy stopped me and said " he is the General Manager of an Italian company, he lost all of his money gambling and he wants only to fill his car 300.00 French Franc ( less than US$ 100.00) to drive back to Milano, in return, he will give me two coats.

These two coat were valuable.


Two italian guys came into my business yesterday spoke little English gave me same story about being a designer and leaving to airport tonight needed to sell these leather jackets before leaving as high tax charge if he takes them back ... got suckered into buying them ....

won't say how much we gave those scammers. .. Google the brand and found this !!! Just shocked and furious ..how *** could we have been to believe these bastards ..

funny thing though today they drove past my partner and she got their plate number !! Let's see if the police will do something now .

Washington, United States #949008

Look at the testimonies of people in Mexico who have been robbed the same way. Good luck. [ https://mx.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=A0LEVzAO3.hU3EcAcbFXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--?qid=20080416235150AAZ1OoE ]

Washington, United States #949006

Hello, sorry for what happened to you. This supposed Italian fashion designer is well known for doing such a robbery even in Mexico City.

Search about him and you will even find his picture on the internet and testimonies of people saying that they have been robbed by him in Mexico, USA, and now in Toronto?

Wow, wonder where this robber gets the money to fly all over from. Good luck.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #948777

I'm sorry that you lost money. A lesson learned is priceless.

I will say you are lucky. You are lucky they didn't pull out a weapon and demand more money or your car or kill you. Though helping strangers and people is imperative we must also be safe doing so. Letting someone into your car, taking them to an ATM is unsafe & insane.

I won't laugh at you as the other responder.... But I will say Instead of focusing on what you lost(pieces of green paper you can replace) focus on the positives. You are alive. You were not bodily injured.

It's a great lesson... And of course this was a scam.

Remember the more a person tries to convince you of the validity if their story... More if ten then not it is a story and not the truth.p



Consider that a $500 lesson.

The lesson isn't "don't help strangers". It's fine to help strangers!

So what is the lesson?

If you're so dumb that you fall for this type of scam, then you must truly be one of the dumbest people on this planet, because HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !

Really? It took you until you got back to the office, then GEE, you realize you've been scammed.

Wow. Errrrm, I hope your office knows you're a complete ***.

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